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Tuesday Travel Tips: Air Travel Tips Galore for Family Travelers

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30 Air Travel TipsAir travel with kids can certainly be a confusing endeavor.  After more than 100 flights with my kids, even I can be surprised on occasion with unlikely rules or uncommon situations when flying with little ones.  If experienced family travelers can occasionally trip up, imagine how hard it is for the average family who only flies once or twice a year.

Over at TravelingMom, I write all about air travel with little ones under the handle “Frequent Flyer TravelingMom.”  I recently published two articles that contain a total of 30 air travel tips sure to help traveling parents everywhere.  Whether you are a serious frequent flyer or just an occasional traveler, I guarantee that you will find some tips in these two pieces that you did not know!

  • 9 Tips to Avoid Air Travel Surprises 9 Tips to Avoid Airline Surprises During Summer Travel: Air travel has changed a lot in the past few years, and many of these changes are not family-friendly.  Find out all about these new rules and avoid getting tripped up when traveling with kids.  For example, I bet you didn’t know why double strollers may now be a disaster-prone air travel strategy – find out when you should leave them at home and why.
  • Travel and Breastfeeding 21 TipsBreastfeeding Tips for Traveling Moms: What You Need to Know about Nursing and Pumping: For World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7, 2015), I put together a list of 21 tips for moms trying to navigate the challenges of traveling while nursing or pumping.  While breastfeeding is pretty manageable on the ground, throw in the already challenging atmospheres of airports and airplanes and even the most prepared traveler can be thrown for a loop.  Did you know Tip #6 – that you can take breast milk through airport security under TSA rules even if you are not traveling with a child?  Find out where this information is buried in the TSA fine print and get many more practical tips.

This post is part of a new Tuesday Travel Tips series here at Trips With Tykes.  Come back each Tuesday for a new travel tip to make life on the road or in the air with kids easier and more fun!

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