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Track Your Tyke’s Travels: Celebrating 100 Flights & the 6 Year Update

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Track your tyke's travels

A family travel selfie to celebrate my daughter’s 100th’s plane flight!

Every year on my daughter’s birthday, I take stock of our travels for the year and record them in a flight log for her that goes into her baby book.  Our family really enjoys the little details of air travel, so this is a chance for me to track geeky air travel metrics while also reflecting on the bigger picture of where the year’s travels have taken us.

My daughter just turned 6 last week so it is time for her annual update.  (You can also review her 5 year update, 4 year update, and my original post.)

She hit a very big travel milestone on the day after her 6th birthday: her 100th flight!  She had been waiting for this flight for a long time and made sure to tell every flight attendant on our Southwest flight from PHX to OAK about the milestone.  They were all so sweet in celebrating with her (read more about why my family LUVS Southwest for family travel).

While last year was more of a quiet travel year due to the addition of our son to the family, the past 12 months have been busy with lots of travel.  We took our first international trip with our kids the past 12 months, visiting Hong Kong in May with our daughter and then Montreal with both kids last June.  We took a number of other smaller trips all over the USA as well.

Without further ado, here are my daughter’s latest travel stats as of (the day after) her 6th birthday:

  • Total trips flown: 35 (Includes 33 roundtrips plus 2 multicity jaunts)
  • Flight segments flown: 100
  • Airlines flown: 12 (Air Canada, AirTran, Alaska, American, Cathay Pacific, Continental, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, United, US Airways, Virgin America)
  • States visited: 18 (AL, AZ, CA, CT, FL, GA, HI, IL, MN, NC, NV, NY, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT)
  • Countries visited: China (Hong Kong), Canada
Track your tyke's travels

Our silly traveling kids!

Now that my son is 18 months old, I think he deserves the chance to be tracked too.  Poor second kids are always being left out!  He has a long way to go to keep up with big sis, but his stats aren’t too shabby either.  I find it interesting that although we are flying just as much with him as we did with his sister at the same age, we are flying a lot fewer airlines.  Part of this is due to consolidation and mergers in the industry, but it also shows we have also found our airline favorites and are sticking with them!

  • Total trips flown: 7 (7 roundtrips)
  • Flight segments flown: 19
  • Airlines flown: 3 (Air Canada, Southwest, United)
  • Airports visited: 10 (ATL, LAS, LAX, MDW, OAK, PHX, RDU, SNA, SFO, YUL)
  • States visited: 8 (AL, AZ, CA, GA, IL, NC, NV, VT)
  • Countries visited: Canada

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