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At the Airport: Coping with TSA

Like many frequent travelers, I’ve found clearing airport security to be a bit of a challenge with a little one in tow.  Most of the hassles do not come from my toddler, however.  They come from the TSA — the oh-so-bright folks who create the maze of contradictory, unenforced, overinforced, and misenforced rules that govern …

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Track Your Tyke’s Travels

    I’m an avid reader of the travel message boards on FlyerTalk, and was inspired awhile ago by a thread entitled “How Many Different Airlines Have you Flown.”  It occurred to me that I could never compile such a list for myself because many of my travels happened when I was a young child.  …

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Introducing Trips With Tykes!

It was inevitable, I suppose. I’ve been traveling on an almost monthly basis with my three year old on airplanes since she was only three months old.  Those readers out there in cyberspace who know me personally know that my husband and I have maintained a baby blog for her over the years.  As time …

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