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17 Best Family-Friendly Hotels in San Francisco

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San Francisco, California is a popular kid-friendly destination for travelers from all over the world, but finding a hotel that works for families in the city can be quite tricky. Many of San Francisco’s iconic historic hotel properties have small rooms that don’t really fit a family very comfortably. Additionally, quite a few hotels are located in areas that some family travelers might not find safe or convenient.

I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the better part of two decades – both in the city proper and in the East Bay suburbs. Between staycations of my own and finding places for visiting friends and family to stay over the years, I’ve personally stayed in, dined in, and toured countless hotels in San Francisco.

San Francisco Transamerica Pyramid Cityscape from Fairmont Hotel

I have recently seen one too many San Francisco hotel guides on the internet written by someone who had clearly never set foot in San Francisco and who doesn’t have kids or know the needs of family travelers. So I decided it was time to commit pen to paper to share my own insider San Francisco hotel recommendations!

This guide analyzes all the lodging details that can really make or break your visit to San Francisco with kids, from the perspective of a local mom with first-hand experience with many of the city’s hotels.

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What Families Should Look For in a San Francisco Hotel

San Francisco Union Square

If you are a family traveling to San Francisco, what amenities and features should you prioritize in your search for a hotel? Here are the different factors I always consider. I used all of these factors to develop the list of 17 San Francisco family-friendly hotels I recommend in the next section below.

1. Spacious rooms

The rooms in many San Francisco hotels aren’t as small as you might find in New York City. But San Francisco’s urban location and the fact that many hotels are historic properties both mean a lot of San Francisco hotels have fewer room options with space to spare. If you are a family that needs to unpack multiple suitcases, store a stroller, or set up a Pack ‘n Play, you likely need to look for hotel options that have more space.

2. Bed types that comfortably accommodate families

This has gotten to be a bit of a running joke among my readers and followers, but I’m a big believer in bigger beds for family travelers. While rooms that have two doubles/fulls will technically sleep four people, they really don’t sleep four people comfortably.

My family looks for room types that have at least two queens for our family of four. That way, my husband and I have the space we normally have back home and our kids can sleep through the night sharing a bed without kicking each other.

A bonus goes to hotels that have additional bed types – bunk beds, trundles, extra sofa beds, etc. – that allow families to spread out even more or avoid sibling bed sharing.

If you are a solo parent, smaller family, or have little ones still in cribs, you may not need to worry about bed specifications quite as much. And of course if you have a larger family, even two queens isn’t going to cut it.

3. Safe location

San Francisco Fishermans Wharf Sign and Muni Bus

It’s impossible to write an article about San Francisco these days without acknowledging the elephant in the room: safety. The city has gotten a lot of bad press, some of it deservedly so in my humble opinion, for the changing crime landscape in recent years. Travelers (especially those with kids in tow) naturally want to make sure that they will be safe. Picking a hotel in a safe area is part of the consideration.

Thankfully, most of the city’s hotels are in highly trafficked and highly patrolled areas already. If you plan to stay in Fisherman’s Wharf and Union Square, those areas are just fine. Areas tourists should probably avoid for hotels include the Tenderloin, mid-Market or SoMa west of Powell Street BART, and Civic Center around City Hall.

Where you have to be a little careful is when to comes to some hotels that advertise a Union Square or Nob Hill location. Parts of those neighborhoods abut the Tenderloin. This means a lower Nob Hill hotel or a hotel a few blocks west of Union Square might be more Tenderloin than the hotel’s marketing would have you believe.

But never fear – all the hotels listed in this post are on city blocks I’d personally stay on with my kids. So look at the map of hotels I’ve created below to get a sense of the rough geographical boundaries of acceptable areas.

Trips With Tykes Tip: Most of the crime in San Francisco is property crime. No matter where you stay, never ever leave anything in your parked vehicle in the city anywhere. Even in a concealed trunk. Even for a quick minute when you jump out of the car to take a photo. Your window will be broken and everything will be taken, sometimes in a matter of seconds. Far too many tourists have had all their suitcases stolen this way.

4. Close to family-friendly attractions, activities, and transit

Even though San Francisco has a big name, it actually isn’t that big of a city, geographically speaking. It’s entirely possible to find a hotel that is walkable to a number of kid-friendly San Francisco activities your family will want to do. This can be especially valuable if you are traveling with a stroller or little ones who would need to be in a car seat if you traveled by taxi or Uber.

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I highly recommend looking for hotels that are within walking distance of some key attractions and with transit access to many others. For families, this usually means staying in hotels in the two major tourist areas in the city – Fisherman’s Wharf or Union Square. Yes, you can find occasional gems elsewhere, and a few of these options are highlighted on this list too!

5. Price and value

San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the USA. Tourists from other parts of the country and from around the world usually have some sticker shock. The good news is that the prices for hotels are lower right now than they’ve historically been (due in part to some of that bad press keeping tourists away). So I think the city is actually a relative value right now.

Reality check though: it’s essentially impossible to find a hotel room in a safe area of the city for a family that is under $200 a night. And realistically speaking, you may need to pay something closer to $300 if you need a bigger room, and more than that for a 4 or 5 star property. Hotel prices can also really skyrocket if a big convention is in town or a special event is happening (Bay to Breakers in May, SF Pride in June, Dreamforce in September, Fleet Week in October). So budget accordingly!

Trips With Tykes Tip: When comparing hotel prices, always be sure to factor in urban destination/resort fees – a number of hotels are unfortunately adding these on these days. Some are annoying but manageable at under $15, but others are as high as $50. Additionally, if you have a car (which I don’t recommend unless absolutely necessary), price out parking as well. Some San Francisco hotels now charge over $75 a night for overnight parking.

6. Family-friendly extras

Even though San Francisco sometimes gets a reputation as a more adult destination, it is actually quite family-friendly for travelers. A number of hotels have extras and amenities that cater specifically to families. Quite a few properties will guarantee cribs or Pack ‘n Plays for infants, and some have extras like baby toiletries and other gear for loan.

Trips With Tykes Tip: Even if your hotel doesn’t have all the gear you need, it’s super easy to rent what you need in the city. Check BabyQuip for local providers.

Restaurants with included breakfasts aren’t that common in the city, but they can really provide extra value for families when available – especially if you travel with hungry teens!

I also look for San Francisco hotels that have activities or events specifically for kids. There are more than you might imagine that you’ll discover as you keep reading about the properties below.

7. BONUS: A place with a little San Francisco history

Fairmont San Francisco Lobby

When traveling with kids, practicality is certainly the name of the game. We often choose to stay in a utilitarian hotel because it has the amenities our family needs.

But San Francisco is a city with some seriously rich and unique history. If you can find the practical features you need at one of the city’s iconic hotels, I highly recommend staying in a place that has some history! Doing so will help you get a flavor for the city. And some of the city’s historic hotels have a wow factor kids can really appreciate, especially during the holiday season.

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Best Family-Friendly Hotels in San Francisco

So now that you know what factors went into my recommendations, let’s get on to the specific hotels! Here are the best San Francisco hotels that have offerings that work for families with kids at various ages and stages.

1. Fairmont San Francisco

San Francisco Fairmont Hotel Atop Nob Hill
  • Location/Neighborhood: Nob Hill
  • Price Range: $$$-$$$$

The Fairmont San Francisco is one of the pricier hotels on this list. If you have the budget for a splurge, however, it simply doesn’t get any better for family travelers. This hotel has a prime location with amazing views atop Nob Hill, a storied San Francisco history, and all the amenities of a luxury hotel.

Most importantly though, the Fairmont also offers exceedingly spacious rooms families can actually share comfortably. Standard rooms come with either two queen beds or a king bed and a sofa pullout. These rooms are some of the largest you can find in any of the historic San Francisco hotels.

Fairmont San Francisco King Sofa Bed Room

The hotel also goes above and beyond with extras for kids. For example, the Fairmont has offered a special American Girl doll package in recent times. During the holidays, the hotel is in the center of much of the city’s family-friendly fun, with high tea for the holidays offered in Laurel Court, in-room Santa visit packages, and a giant gingerbread house and tree in the hotel lobby.

A lot of the property’s amenities – even if not directed specifically at kids – are quite family-friendly as well. The hotel’s throwback tiki bar and restaurant, the famed Tonga Room, accommodates kids from 5:00-10:00pm. With fun drinks, bright South Pacific decor, and a live band that floats on a raft in the center of what used to be the hotel’s indoor pool, it’s a memorable outing for the whole family. The Fairmont also has a rooftop garden with amazing views and space for kids to roam and explore.

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2. The Clancy, Autograph Collection

The Clancy Hotel San Francisco Courtyard Firepits
  • Location/Neighborhood: SoMa
  • Price Range: $$

This newly-renovated and re-branded hotel is part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection. The Clancy is located in one of the safer areas of SoMa not far from the Financial District, within easy walking distance of kid-friendly attractions like Yerba Buena Gardens as well as Union Square.

Multiple room configurations in the hotel work well for families. Families can’t go wrong with the two queen room options, all of which also include mini-fridges – a feature that is often hard to find in San Francisco. The Clancy is also often available at a value price on many weekends, making it ideal for visitors to the city for a weekend getaway.

The Clancy Two Queen Bed Room San Francisco

The Clancy is whimsical and colorful and has a vibrant lobby with outdoor fire pits. Plus it has a very tasty restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that I can personally highly recommend. A well-traveled friend very recently stayed at the property with her kids at my recommendation and found it was ideally suited as her family’s home base.

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3. Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf

Holiday Inn Express Fishermans Wharf San Francisco Exterior
  • Location/Neighborhood: Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Price Range: $$

With two queen beds in standard rooms and free breakfast included, it’s no surprise that this hotel makes the family-friendly cut. The Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf has a prime location in the heart of the waterfront area. It’s about one block away from the busiest sections, which helps to keep it quiet while being supremely convenient. It’s an excellent jumping off point for visiting Pier 39, Alcatraz, and much more without needing to use transit.

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Holiday Inn Express Fishermans Wharf San Francisco Lobby

This hotel gets major bonus points for offering a room type that sleeps up to 6 people (look for “2 Queen Beds Suite Sofa Bed”) – a real rarity among San Francisco accommodations. Larger families take note! The property is a little older but has some recent updates that make it feel fresh and clean, in addition to offering value and practicality.

My friend Karen at has a very helpful review of her stay with kids at the Holiday Inn Express Fisherman’s Wharf.

Book the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Fisherman’s Wharf:

4. The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco

Ritz-Carlton San Francisco Front Entrance
  • Location/Neighborhood: Nob Hill
  • Price Range: $$$$

Located on Nob Hill near the descent to Union Square, the Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco is one of the most expensive and luxurious properties in the city. But it’s far from stuffy and works well for families who want a splurge and who might use the other full service hotel features.

Ritz-Carlton San Francisco Lobby Bar

The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco has a superior room with two queens that accommodates a family of four nicely. It’s not a standard room but the markup above standard room pricing often isn’t that substantial.

There are extra family-friendly amenities as part of the Ritz Kids program – a welcome packet with coloring book and scavenger hunt (contact the hotel in advance to arrange). The hotel also offers a “Teddy Bear Tea” during the holidays that is exceptionally kid-friendly that our family finally had the chance to experience last December. Guests can also find kids menus in all the restaurants, meaning parents won’t have to skip out on fine dining just to feed the kids.

Book the Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco:

5. Galleria Park Hotel

Galleria Park Hotel San Francisco
  • Location/Neighborhood: Financial District
  • Price Range: $$

The Galleria Park Hotel often flies under the radar because of its smaller size, but it is an excellent fit for family travelers. It has a prime (but occasionally-overlooked) location just on the edge of the Financial District extremely close to Union Square. My husband’s current office is within a block of the Galleria Park Hotel, and I worked for many years just two blocks away. So we know that precise area well and can attest to it being safe and well-located even though it isn’t thought of as a traditionally tourist area.

Rooms and bathrooms are a little smaller than at some more expensive properties in Union Square but are entirely adequate for the price, especially with two queen beds standard in rooms that sleep 4.

Galleria Park Hotel Lobby San Francisco

The hotel is part of the Joie d’vive collection that Hyatt now owns, but note that it doesn’t participate in the World of Hyatt program.

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6. Westin St. Francis

Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco Union Square
  • Location/Neighborhood: Union Square
  • Price Range: $$$

The Westin St. Francis is one of my absolute favorite hotels in the city. Its location is right on Union Square steps from the cable car line and shopping at the city’s flagship Macy’s. Many rooms offer magnificent views of the city’s landmarks.

The hotel is one with deep San Francisco roots. It was built in 1904 by one of the “Big Four” railroad tycoons of Northern California, Charles Crocker. It mostly survived the 1906 quake and fire and has hosted a long list of politicians and celebrities for over a century, from Woodrow Wilson to Cary Grant.

With over 1200 rooms, it’s also one of the largest hotels in the city. As a result, rooms can sometimes be priced quite competitively for what the hotel offers when occupancy in the city is low.

The only downside of the property is that rooms that sleep 4 only have two double beds – not queens. For this reason, I recommend the hotel for smaller families or families with younger kids who can make the sleeping situation work in a standard room (especially if little ones are in a crib). If you have older kids or teens and will be paying for two rooms anyway, then this hotel should be near the top of your list.

Westin St. Francis San Francisco Castle of Sweets Lobby

The hotel really shines in some of the extras that it has for all travelers – but especially families. For example, this summer the Westin St. Francis offered Friday night family movie nights for guests. And during the holidays, the property is right in the center of all the San Francisco Christmas magic, with a castle of sweets in the lobby and family-friendly holiday teas during weekends.

Book the Westin St. Francis:

7. Argonaut Hotel

Argonaut Hotel San Francisco near Ghirardelli Square
  • Location/Neighborhood: Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Price Range: $$$

The Argonaut Hotel has a prime Fisherman’s Wharf location near Ghirardelli Square and the Hyde Street Cable Car terminus. This independently-run boutique hotel is a perennial favorite for travelers with kids because of its safe location near many family-friendly attractions. The hotel has a vibrant nautical theme and is located in a renovated historic building that adds extra character.

With several room types offering two queen beds, the Argonaut can accommodate families of 4 in a regular room easily. The hotel has also thought to offer a few family-friendly extras, from games guests can check out to bike rentals on site.

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8. Kimpton Alton Hotel Fisherman’s Wharf

Kimpton Alton San Francisco
  • Location/Neighborhood: Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Price Range: $$$

Two blocks away in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf is the Kimpton Alton Hotel. The hotel has edgy but elegant styling that makes it appeal to adults and teens but also all of the practical features families with younger kids need. Many standard rooms have two queen beds and can comfortably sleep a family of four. Bathrooms also have a shower over tub.

Like all Kimpton hotels, this property excels at offering some truly unique amenities that family travelers are sure to appreciate. The hotel has custom Micro Kickboard scooters with helmets available for their kid guests to use to zoom about town. Additionally, the hotel has in-room historic Victrola record players, retro board games on loan, and a scavenger hunt.

The practical necessities aren’t forgotten either. The hotel advertises its On-Demand Family Fridge program to guarantee mini refrigerators for parents needing to store milk for little ones. It also has baby gear on loan (contact in advance) like playards, infant seats, and baby bathtubs.

Book the Kimpton Alton:

9. InterContinental Mark Hopkins

Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel Exterior
  • Location/Neighborhood: Nob Hill
  • Price Range: $$$

The InterContinental Mark Hopkins is another hotel with deep San Francisco roots. Named for one of the other “Big Four” railroad tycoons, the hotel is situated on the block atop Nob Hill where the family mansion once stood. The hotel is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2026 and counts among its many famous guests Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Charles de Gaulle, and Dwight Eisenhower.

Because of its age, standard rooms are on the smaller side. Rooms that sleep four only have two doubles. But if your family can make that bed layout work, the reward is a hotel with amazing views and a whole lot of special history. The hotel is conveniently located near both major cable car lines, but its location on a steep hillside may not be ideal for families planning to navigate the city with a stroller.

Intercontinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco Front Entrance

One personal note – my husband and I got engaged at the Mark Hopkins’ renowned top floor restaurant with a view – Top of the Mark – over 20 years ago! This restaurant hosts the family-friendly Magical Tea during the holiday season each year that should be on your list.

Book the InterContinental Mark Hopkins:

10. Courtyard San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf

Courtyard Marriott Fishermans Wharf San Francisco
  • Location/Neighborhood: Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Price Range: $$

Most families know what to expect from a Courtyard Marriott, and the Courtyard San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf delivers that same reliability in a very convenient location. The property is within a couple of blocks of many top attractions along the waterfront, and is also close to the F-Market Streetcar and Powell-Hyde cable car turnaround.

Standard rooms come in a two queen bed configuration, and all rooms have a mini-fridge. There is an inexpensive restaurant in the lobby available for breakfast, and if you are visiting from out-of-state and want to get your In-N-Out burger fix, it’s on the very same block!

In-N-Out Burger in Fishermans Wharf San Francisco

Book the Courtyard San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco:

11. Omni San Francisco Hotel

  • Location/Neighborhood: Financial District
  • Price Range: $$-$$$

More often used by business travelers visiting Financial District companies, the Omni San Francisco Hotel can be a smart fit for families on vacation as well. It’s within walking distance of both Union Square and the Ferry Building, and often there are deals to be had on weekends when the business travelers aren’t in town. A cousin of ours and his grade-school-aged child recently stayed here on a visit to the city and found it positioned them well for everything they wanted to do, including taking the ferry for a day trip to Muir Woods and spending lots of time in Fisherman’s Wharf.

Rooms that accommodate four only have two double beds, but they are pretty spacious at 385 square feet. The hotel offers a special welcome tote for younger guests with snacks and craft activities.

Book the Omni San Francisco Hotel:

12. Hotel Zoe

Hotel Zoe in San Francisco Fishermans Wharf Exterior
  • Location/Neighborhood: Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Price Range: $$

Located a few blocks from the water in Fisherman’s Wharf, the Hotel Zoe is right near the Powell-Mason cable car turnaround. This independent property has attentive service and a couple of family-friendly extras like bike rentals. The hotel has a cute open air interior courtyard where I spotted cornhole and firepits – with blankets on loan for chillier San Francisco weather.

Hotel Zoe San Francisco Bike Rentals

Rooms are compact, but the hotel manages to squeeze two queen beds into many standard rooms. Some connecting rooms are available upon request. This hotel can often be quite affordable for its central location, so it offers a lot of value for family travelers.

Book the Hotel Zoe:

13. Lodge at the Presidio

Lodge at the Presidio
  • Location/Neighborhood: Presidio
  • Price Range: $$$

For families looking to stay outside of the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas, the Lodge at the Presidio is one of my top picks. The Lodge is located in the Presidio, a former U.S. Army base turned national park site that is now part of the greater Golden Gate National Recreational Area. The building the property is in is a converted barracks.

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Immediately next door to the Lodge is one of my family’s favorite attractions in the city, The Walt Disney Family Museum. Also just steps away is Presidio Tunnel Tops, a new green space with picnic areas and unique playground features for younger kids. Food trucks regularly hold court by the Presidio Visitor Center across the lawn out front. And if you want to get Golden Gate Bridge views, no hotel in the city is as close to as many different vistas as this one.

Presidio Tunnel Tops San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge View

There are several room types that fit families, including a two queen room, two queen suites (with an additional queen sleeper!), and junior king suites with a queen sleeper sofa. The hotel also offers a complimentary continental breakfast, adding to the value proposition for family travelers.

Book the Lodge at the Presidio:

14. Beacon Grand

Beacon Grand Hotel San Francisco Street View
  • Location/Neighborhood: Union Square
  • Price Range: $$$

Formerly known as the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, this historic property was recently renovated and re-branded as the Beacon Grand. The hotel has maintained its San Francisco legacy charm while offering all the attentive service of a modern independent boutique hotel.

The hotel has a prime location just a half block to the north of Union Square right along the cable car line. Importantly for those parents pushing strollers, this location is before the steep ascent up Nob Hill.

Both the classic (standard) and grand (deluxe) rooms have two queen bed configurations available so this is a rare historic property where families of four have a little more space to spread out.

Book the Beacon Grand:

15. Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco

  • Location/Neighborhood: Union Square
  • Price Range: $$$$

Now one of two Four Seasons hotels in downtown, the original Four Seasons San Francisco is one of the best luxury fits for traveling families. While some rooms will only accommodate two or three guests, some of the deluxe view rooms have two queen beds that work well for families.

The location is on Market Street, right where the Financial District meets Union Square. It therefore has an excellent location to walk to many attractions, as well as easy access to both the Muni metro, BART commuter trains, and historic F-Market streetcar.

Like many Four Seasons properties, the hotel goes above and beyond to cater to travelers with kids, ensuring that they have all the extra luxuries as well as many practical tools for a comfortable stay. The hotel has a kids concierge to recommend family-friendly activities plus welcome milk and cookies for kids. It makes lots of little extras available, including everything from kid-sized robes to bottle warmers and board games.

Book the Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco:

16. LUMA Hotel San Francisco

LUMA Hotel San Francisco
Photo courtesy of LUMA Hotel San Francisco (Dylan Patrick, photographer)
  • Location/Neighborhood: Mission Bay
  • Price Range: $$$-$$$$

The LUMA Hotel San Francisco doesn’t have as familiar of a location for tourists, but the location may well be ideal for some types of family travelers. The property is just south of Oracle Park, so if seeing the San Francisco Giants play a baseball game is high on your travel list, it doesn’t get much closer.

Its Mission Bay location is in a safe and sunny part of town. Nearby attractions like the Mission Bay Kids’ Park and Parklab Gardens (with outdoor food trucks and a mini golf course, Stagecoach Greens) make this a kid-friendly place to be. And now that the Central Subway has been built, it’s an easy trip on transit from the hotel to the heart of Union Square and Chinatown.

The hotel is virtually brand new with modern creature comforts like USB ports in the rooms and even a robot concierge. Plus, many rooms have two queens or even two kings(!) – a super-rare find in the city. The hotel can be pricey when events are taking place at Oracle Park or the Chase Center, but it doesn’t charge a destination/amenities fee, so consider that in any price comparison.

LUMA Hotel San Francisco
Photo courtesy of LUMA Hotel San Francisco (Dylan Patrick, photographer)

Book the LUMA Hotel San Francisco:

17. Hotel Del Sol

  • Location/Neighborhood: Marina/Cow Hollow
  • Price Range: $$

Located in the Marina, this renovated motor lodge has doubled down on bold midcentury modern theming in a big way, making it a fun place to stay for families.

Hotel Del Sol has a lot of extras that families will appreciate, including a heated outdoor pool, included grab and go breakfast boxes, and complimentary afternoon milk and cookies. Best of all – the price is right. In a city where many rooms can go for $500-1000 a night, Hotel Del Sol prices can often start in the under $200 range (plus a $15 a night destination fee). For a location that is a little bit out of the way, the savings can be considerable.

Regular rooms that sleep four are two doubles, but the hotel has two room types that often aren’t that much more expensive and work even better for many families. The junior suite has a queen bed and queen sleeper sofa in a separate area, along with a mini-fridge. The family suite has a queen bed plus a sleeper sofa with trundle.

Book the Hotel Del Sol:

Looking for a family-friendly hotel in San Francisco, California? These top hotels in the City by the Bay have been fully vetted by a local mom and travel expert specifically for travelers with kids. Lots of details to help you pick and choose for your budget, location, family size, and amenities needed!

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