Photo Tour of Southwest Airlines In-Flight Entertainment System

Southwest Airlines In-Flight Entertainment

Who doesn’t love in-flight entertainment?  Southwest Airlines has had its current in-flight entertainment system in place for about a year and a half, and I’ve had the change to explore it on many occasions.  My family has been flying Southwest a lot. I know there are lots of planners out there like me who want to […]

Macaroni & Cruise: A New Family-Friendly Cruise Option + Booking Discount

Macaroni and Cruise

Macaroni.  Yum!  Cruises.  Fun!  Putting the two together?  Nothing short of awesome! Cruises are a great way for families to travel together, and I’m happy to share the news about a special family-friendly cruise event this summer that looks completely unique.  A friend of mine (who hosts a radio show featuring kid-friendly indie music that […]

Cozy Cover Easy Seat Review: A High Chair You Can Throw in Your Diaper Bag

Cozy Cover Easy Seat Review: A full review of the Cozy Cover Easy Seat, which tackles a common problem for travelers with babies and toddlers - no high chair.

Ever held a squirmy baby or toddler on your lap for an entire meal because you didn’t have access to a high chair?  It doesn’t for make for a very relaxing dining experience. As a frequent traveler, I encounter this problem all the time.  While family-friendly restaurants in the United States usually have high chairs, […]

Why It’s Time For a Third Park at Disneyland

Why Disneyland Needs a Third Park: Even serious Disney fans may be surprised by #6!

I don’t usually editorialize much here at Trips With Tykes, but there is no better time to start than when it comes to my favorite place on earth – Disneyland!  Since I’m certain Disney executives read this blog regularly and desperately desire to know my opinions on all things in Anaheim, here goes. It’s time […]

Beating the Crowds While Traveling with Kids

Beating the Crowds While Traveling with Kids

One of my least favorite things about travel is crowds.  Pushing, shoving, line cutting, and feeling cramped and constrained at major tourist destinations can be maddening. My family just returned from a quick trip to Atlanta in the few days after Christmas, where we pretty much dealt with non-stop crowds.  While we still had lots of […]

A Conversation With My Daughter About Civil Rights

Civil Right Memorial Montgomery, Alabama

I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, the crucible of the Civil Rights movement.  Montgomery race relations had come a long way by the time I was born, 24 years after the bus boycott inspired by Rosa Parks and 14 years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s Selma to Montgomery marches. Nevertheless, the world I grew up […]

Should You Fly or Drive From San Francisco to Disneyland?

Should you fly or drive from San Francisco to Disneyland? A careful look at the time, cost, and convenience of both options, with airport recommendations.

When Northern California families are planning vacations down to Anaheim to see Mickey Mouse, the first big trip planning question many face is how to get there.  To drive or to fly?  That is the question! Los Angeles and San Francisco are approximately 380 miles apart.  It’s a 6 hour drive (without traffic) from the […]