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You asked for it and we now have it!  Trips With Tykes now has an email newsletter and subscription option for reading all of our latest family travel blog posts and news.   Because let’s face it – you’re busy and you might not always remember to check the blog or your RSS feed for […]

Navigating SFO Airport with Kids

Navigating San Francisco Airport With Kids: Get the scoop on TSA lines, kid-friendly amenities, and the best transit options for families traveling to and from SFO.

One of the biggest challenges of traveling with kids is navigating through large airports.  Each airport is laid out differently, has different amenities, and presents different challenges when it comes to traveling with kids.  Wouldn’t it be great to know what to expect at different airports all over the country before you travel with your […]

Overcoming Vacation Planning Paralysis

Overcoming Vacation Planning Paralysis: In a travel planning rut? Here's why I'm struggling with where my family should travel next and how family travelers can get out of this rut.

My family is in a travel-planning rut.  There are hundreds of places on our travel wish list.  We have enough airline miles and hotel points that we don’t have the break the bank to travel to many of them.  But we are already well into December and we find ourselves without Presidents Day weekend or […]

Exploring California Missions: Mission San Rafael Arcángel

Mission San Rafael Arcangel: Exploring the missions and California history with kids in Marin County, California

This post is part of a series by bloggers around California to visit and explore the California missions with kids.  The 21 Spanish missions in California were established by the Catholic priests of the Franciscan order between 1769 and 1833.  These religious and military outposts were designed to be a day’s walk from each other, […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Traveling Parents

Holiday Gifts for Traveling Parents: Inspired gift ideas for the globetrotting adults who do it all with kids in tow.

Now that the traveling toddlers and older kids on your holiday gift list have been covered, it’s time to turn to their traveling parents.  From electronics to luggage to travel books, here are gifts that have been hits in our family, as well as several other ideas that are on our Christmas list this year […]

Holidays at Disneyland: Top Picks for Families With Young Kids

Holidays at Disneyland: Tops Picks for Families With Young Kids

No theme park celebrates the holidays quite like Disneyland.  Take a place that many people already find quite magical, decorate it with hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights, and the holiday magic is sure to touch even the most Scrooge-like among us. I recently had the opportunity to visit Disneyland as part of a hosted family blogger […]

Welcome Mommy Points Readers!

Welcome Mommy Points Readers - Getting to Know Trips With Tykes

Very excited for our traveling family to be featured on Mommy Points this week.  I’ve been a reader of hers for about 3 years (almost since the beginning), and I can honestly say that I owe at least a few premium cabin flights and free hotel nights to her advice. While I’m certainly a miles and points junkie, it […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Traveling Kids

Holiday Gifts for Traveling Kids: Great family travel holiday gift ideas for kids who love to explore the world.

Earlier this week, I offered my gift recommendations for travel gifts for the toddlers and preschoolers in your life, but what about older kids?  Next up in the Trips With Tykes Holiday Gift Guide series are ideas for gifts for traveling kids ages 5-12.  I own several of these products, and the others have been carefully […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Traveling Toddlers & Preschoolers

Holiday Gifts for Traveling Toddlers & Preschoolers: Great family travel holiday gift ideas for toddlers and preschoolers who travel.

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start getting Santa’s list in order.  Traveling with kids can require a lot of gear, so why not get the frequent traveler in your life something that will help make family travel easier and more fun?  I’ve tried a lot of products over my almost […]

Air Travel with Toddlers and Milk

Air Travel with Toddlers and Milk: Air travel with toddlers is challenging enough without worrying about bottles or sippy cups. Make your next flight easier with tips and products for navigating TSA lines with milk for your toddler.

One of the many challenges of air travel with toddlers is deciding how to best transport the milk, juice, or other liquids they need.  Although TSA allows parents with babies and toddlers to bring liquids in excess of  3.4 ounces, the reality is that the process is still far from easy.  If you bring liquids with you for a […]