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Trips With Tykes Family Loves Mommy Points!

Our Trips With Tykes Family Loves Mommy Points

Very excited for our traveling family to be featured on Mommy Points this week.  I’ve been a reader of hers for about 3 years (almost since the beginning), and I can honestly say that I owe at least a few premium cabin flights and free hotel nights to her advice.

While I’m certainly a miles and points junkie, it isn’t a focus of THIS blog.  You have Mommy Points (and quite a few others in the miles & points space) for that.  😉

Instead, I focus on the planning, preparation, logistics, and mechanics of travel with kids.  Mommy Points likes to pour over airline award charts; I like to get into the weeds on the other fine print of airline websites – baggage fees, seat assignment rules, TSA minutiae, etc. – in order to explain how those policies affect traveling families in practice.  I’ll give you practical advice for navigating airports and surviving plane flights with little ones, and also share the products that make travel with kids easier.  And, of course, I review what we do once our family gets to our actual destination.  You’ll find lots of kid-centric hotel reviews, tips for navigating common family destinations (Hawaii, Disney, my home turf in the San Francisco Bay Area, and more).

I’ve been blogging for more than two years, so there’s lots in the archives to keep you busy.  Here are a few of my most popular posts to get to know us:

Finally, one post that is my own personal favorite.  Not about planning or logistics.  Just about the joy and wonder that travel has brought our daughter:

Mommy Points outtakes

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