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Welcome, Million Mile Secrets Readers

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Family fun at Northstar California - Lake Tahoe with KidsWelcome!  Thanks to Daraius for featuring my little corner of the family travel world on Million Mile Secrets this week.  And thanks for clicking over.  His site, along with a few others, is how I was introduced to the crazy hobby of miles and points many years ago.

While frequent flyer miles have certainly enabled my family to travel much more, that isn’t the end of my story.  Why?  I travel with kids.  In fact, I travel with babies and toddlers.  A lot.  The airlines (and the kids) don’t exactly make that process easy sometimes, even with a million miles in your frequent flyer account.

You’ve got the miles, but what good are they if you are paralyzed by the fear that your toddler might throw a fit at 36,000 feet?  That’s where Trips With Tykes comes in.  I love logistics and planning (I’ve kind of made it my mission statement), and I do all that I can to encourage families with young kids to travel and to make the process as painless as possible by sharing my tips and insights.  I can’t promise you a tantrum-free flight, but with some preparation and planning, I can guarantee that your travels will be better than the vast majority of flying families out there.

If you are new to the blog, here are a few planning and logistics-style posts to get you started in your family travels:

Disneyland Lightning McQueen Meet & GreetIf you are a Disney fiend, you’ll find lots on Disney destinations here as well.  A few of my favorites:

And it can’t be all about logistics.  Travel is about exploring, adventure, wonder, inspiration, and education.  Here are a few of my favorite travel stories as well:

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Friday 6th of February 2015

I have a one year old and in two weeks we are taking her on her second international trip, and the third trip is coming up in May - Looking forward to learning some tips from you!

Two to Travel and Tango

Friday 6th of February 2015

Came across your blog and as a soon to be dad, am loving it. Keep up the great work!