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Hotel Review of the Radisson Blu Anaheim Near Disneyland

Editor’s Note: In summer 2022, the Radisson Blu Anaheim changed its affiliation and is now under the Marriott umbrella, becoming The Viv Hotel, Anaheim, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel. Look for updates to this post soon with further details.

Guests visiting the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California have always had a large number of area hotels to consider. Until recently, however, there have been very few properties that check all the boxes for travelers who want a more luxurious Disneyland vacation experience. Until now! Several new higher end hotels have opened in the past year, with a few more coming before 2021 is up. I was just able to stay at one of the most highly anticipated of these new hotels on my most recent trip for Disneyland’s 2021 reopening – the Radisson Blu Anaheim.

The Radisson Blu Anaheim sits squarely in the middle of the affordable luxury category. The property is modern, with pops of bright color and nods to all things Disney in the decor throughout the common areas. The hotel opened briefly during the fall of 2020, but only just reopened at the end of April 2021 along with Disneyland itself.

Radisson Blu Anaheim near Disneyland - Hotel Exterior

Given what I saw and experienced during my stay, the Radisson Blu has a lot going for it and a lot to offer the vast majority of travelers. Even though it doesn’t have the perfect location, it more than makes up for that with all its other amenities and advantages.

Here are all the essentials you need to know about the Radisson Blu Anaheim as you consider hotel options on a Disneyland vacation.

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Radisson Blu Basics

Radisson Blu Anaheim - Lobby and Check in Desks

If you aren’t familiar with Radisson Blu specifically, there’s probably a good reason for that. Radisson Blu hotels are few and far between in North America. In fact, the Radisson Blu Anaheim is one of only 5 Radisson Blu hotels within the United States. Americans usually at least know one of the more moderately priced hotels in the Radisson family – Country Inn & Suites – while Radisson Blu properties tend to dominate in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The Radisson Blu brand offers upscale accommodations without completely blowing most travel budgets. The Radisson Blu Anaheim is no exception to that rule. But it also adds to the usual brand offerings, taking specific cues from its Disneyland location.

Because many Disneyland guests visit with kids, the Radisson Blu Anaheim has even more room types that work for families. Of the 226 rooms in the hotel, 136 of them include a bunk bed!

And knowing that all Disneyland travelers want a little Disney magic where they stay, the hotel adds Disney touches to its usual modern styling. Look specifically for some partially blue Stormtroopers upon entry from the parking garage as well as wall hangings with Disney Lego minifigs.

Radisson Blu Anaheim - Stormtroopers in Lobby

Even the elevator lobby is thoughtfully Disney inspired, with one half painted black and one white, representing the dark and light sides of the Force for Star Wars fans.

Radisson Blu Anaheim - Elevator Lobby Star Wars Dark and Light Sides

Where is the Radisson Blu Anaheim Located?

The Radisson Blu Anaheim is located at 1601 S. Anaheim Boulevard, just on the other side of I-5 from the Disneyland resort. It’s situated in an area that is undergoing a lot of development, so there aren’t a lot of other hotels or restaurants in the immediate vicinity. The surrounding area is well lit and felt very safe though, even without a lot of other business activity.

If you read this blog’s Disneyland coverage regularly, you probably already know that I usually advocate staying within very close walking distance of the parks. (Related: Best Hotels within Disneyland Walking Distance.) The Radisson Blu Anaheim isn’t quite within what I’d consider comfortable walking distance, especially after a day logging 20,000+ steps within the theme parks. If you do choose to walk it, plan on about 25 minutes to the Harbor Boulevard pedestrian entrance.

Disneyland Pedestrian Entrance

But absolutely do not let the location dissuade you. This is one hotel I’d definitely make an exception for when it comes to my normal walking distance preferences. Other than the Disneyland Hotel or Disney’s Grand Californian, there are simply no hotels within easy walking distance to offer these kinds of comparable accommodations or amenities in the Disneyland area. And of course, those hotels come at a much steeper cost. The Radisson Blu brings the same level of luxury at a fraction of the price (like sometimes 1/3 or even 1/4 the cost of the Grand), making it a real value in this hotel class. (But more on price later though….)

That said, the only type of traveler who might not find this location ideal is some families with babies and toddlers. If you have little ones and like to return to the hotel for their mid-afternoon nap, the lack of a walking distance location or an easy baby/toddler transportation option could outweigh the other advantages the hotel has for families.

What’s the Best Way to Get to Disneyland from the Radisson Blu Anaheim?

Anaheim Resort Transit Bus at Radisson Blu Anaheim

So if you can’t walk to the theme parks, what are your best transportation options? And what are the pros and cons of each? Here are three choices.

  • Uber/Lyft: Taking a ridesharing service is my top pick for transportation. The ride from the hotel to the official Harbor Boulevard dropoff spot is just $6-7 pre tip. This means a family can get to and from the parks for under $20 daily using ridesharing. Be sure to see my guide to Uber and Lyft with kids for my suggestions on car seats and tips for families.
  • Anaheim Resort Transit (ART): ART has a dedicated pickup and drop off spot at the Radisson Blu Anaheim. Local service was just re-launching during my stay, so I didn’t get the chance to try ART. Ask the hotel front desk for specific details, as routes and rules will be changing in 2021. ART’s 1 day passes are $6 for adults and $2.50 for children/seniors. A family of 4 will essential break even in cost (though likely not in time) riding ART vs. taking a rideshare. You’ll come out a little ahead though with the 3 day pass ($16 for adults, $3.50 for children) or 5 day pass ($25 for adults, $5.50 for children).
  • Driving & Parking: If you have your own car, then you can drive to the parks and park in a Disney lot for $25 a day. In 2021, all parking trams are closed (and not all lots are open), so this means you’ll still have a substantial walk to the park gates. This choice costs more money, time and (your feet’s) comfort. Plus, you’ll also be paying for parking at the Radisson Blu ($25 a night for self-parking) so this isn’t a good choice if you are someone flying in to Disneyland who doesn’t need to come with a car.

What Room Types are Available at the Radisson Blu Anaheim?

Radisson Blu Anaheim - Living Area with Disney decor in Suite Room

I was able to tour all the room types at the Radisson Blu Anaheim during my stay. There are a lot of options with different layouts at various price points, accommodating a wide variety of travel preferences. Those include:

  • King Room: Sleeps 2, one king bed, extra seating area with bench seating, 1 sink vanity, shower in bathroom
  • 2 Queen Room: Sleeps 4, two queen beds, 1 sink vanity, shower in bathroom
  • King 2 Twin Bunk Room: Sleeps 4, one king bed, two twin bunks, extra seating area with bench seating, 2 sink vanity, shower over tub in bathroom
  • 2 Queen 2 Twin Bunk Room: Sleeps 6, two queen beds, two twin bunks, 2 sink vanity, shower over tub in bathroom
  • 1 Bedroom King Suite: Sleeps 3, 1 king bed, sleeper sofa, living area, 2 sink vanity, shower over tub in bathroom plus separate shower, partially separated toilet area
  • Premium 1 Bedroom King Suite: Sleeps 4, 1 king bed, sleeper sofa, living area, 2 sink vanity, shower over tub in bathroom plus separate shower, separate door to toilet area

Within each of these types, there are a few different subtypes. Some, for example, will have a theme park view. Some offer a “business class” version that includes a complimentary breakfast, an extra 1000 Radisson points, and a free drink at the bar. The options are laid out very clearly on the hotel’s website.

I stayed in a 2 queen, 2 twin bunk room. These rooms sleep up to 6 people, which means they have more than enough space for a family of 4 like mine. Now that my kids are getting older, having them sharing a bed is a recipe for sibling struggles. Bunk bed suit families well – as long as you can work out which kid gets the top bunk!

The little extras in the layout showed that a lot of thought and expertise went into making the rooms work for modern travelers. Charging ports and outlets were everywhere. There is a reading light for all 6 spaces in the room – one on either side of each queen bed and one above each bunk. Storage and drawer space was more than ample, even for a family all unpacking suitcases for several days.

Radisson Blu Anaheim - 2 Queen Twin Bunk Room Beds
Radisson Blu Anaheim - Room reading lights and charging ports
Radisson Blu Anaheim - Twin Bunks in Room

Other in room amenities of note included:

  • Robes & slippers
  • Mini-fridge (note that there is no freezer compartment)
  • Coffee maker
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Safe
  • Hairdryer
Radisson Blu Anaheim - Room Amenities

The bathrooms are spacious and bright. My room type had two sinks, plenty of counter space, and a makeup/shaving mirror. Individual toiletries on the vanity were bar soap, lotion, and a shower cap. Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash were mounted on the shower wall in reusable containers. The hotel didn’t skimp on towels pre-stocked in the room (one of my personal pet peeves is having to call for extra towels right away because there aren’t enough for a family of 4!). The entire bathroom was behind a solid sliding door, ideal for blocking light and sound from the rest of the room if you have little ones with earlier bedtimes.

Radisson Blu Anaheim - Bunk Room Bathroom Dual Vanity

The bunk rooms like mine have a shower over tub, which many families will prefer for bathing younger children. Standard rooms have a large glass door shower. Probably my only (very minor) complaint about the room was that the tub was pretty narrow. And because the shower curtain was on a rod that didn’t curve to give more internal space, it made the shower a little bit of a tight fit for adults.

Radisson Blu Anaheim - Full Room Bathroom View

How Much Will a Stay at the Radisson Blu Anaheim Cost?

So how much can you expect to spend on these room options? As any regular Disneyland visitor knows, prices for hotels fluctuate quite a bit depending on the seasonal events and holidays at Disneyland. The Radisson Blu will be no different as time goes by.

Since this hotel is brand new, however, it isn’t on the radar for a lot of travelers quite yet. And with Disneyland operating at reduced capacity right now, there isn’t the usual volume of travelers in the Anaheim to sell out all the area hotels. That means 2021 travelers have a great opportunity to try this hotel now while demand and prices are lower – before it is fully discovered!

Generally speaking, standard rooms currently can often be found for under $200 (and often closer to $150) a night before tax. Expect to pay anywhere from $10-50 more per night for the rooms with the bunks that can sleep families when booking direct. Trips With Tykes partner Get Away Today currently has these family-friendly bunk rooms at the same prices as standard rooms though, offering a pretty impressive value to travelers who need more space. Keep reading below to find out how to save money and find all these special deals.

Radisson Blu Anaheim Pools & Amenities

So looking beyond the rooms, the hotel continues to shine. The pools are a major highlight. And there are two of them!

The first is the rooftop pool. It’s adults only until 4pm daily, creating a quieter space for travelers who wish to escape other people’s kids for a while on a Disneyland vacation. The rooftop area also has a large hot tub and comfy cushioned swings for extra seating.

Radisson Blu Anaheim - Rooftop Pool

The second larger pool is on the ground level off the lobby. It’s open to all guests at all times of day. The area includes plenty of lounge chairs, cabanas for rent, a small splash pad for kids at pool’s edge, and a hot tub. Coming July 1, the Oasis Pool Bar will be opening there, with poolside drink and food service.

I didn’t spot any lifejackets at either pool so I’d recommend bringing your own if you have a little one who is a non-swimmer (we travel with the Puddle Jumper for my son when he was younger). The pool areas are of course very safely gated from the rest of the property.

Radisson Blu Anaheim Restaurants

While a lot of Anaheim area hotels have pretty sparse dining offerings, the Radisson Blu has a number of quality choices to set it apart.

The star of the hotel’s dining scene is Blu SkyBar, the hotel’s rooftop bar and restaurant. There is plenty of stylish indoor seating as well as outdoor spaces located around fire pits. Both areas have prime views of the theme parks – perfect for when fireworks return to Disneyland. But even without fireworks just yet, the lights of the parks at night are a pretty magical view too.

Radisson Blu Anaheim - Blu SkyBar Interior
Radisson Blu Anaheim - Blu SkyBar Firepit Outdoor Seating

Food at Blu SkyBar is Spanish, with plenty of dishes like paella and tapas to share with friends and family while enjoying a cocktail. The restaurant is already very popular, drawing locals as well as as guests of other nearby hotels, so definitely make a reservation so you don’t miss out during your stay. It’s a bit more of an adult scene and I enjoyed it with friends, but kids are welcome too. There is a kids menu offered, but many dishes might be a little adventurous for the pickiest of eaters.

Radisson Blu Anaheim - Blu SkyBar Tapas

The other large restaurant on property is FireLake Grillhouse and Cocktail Bar. It is on the ground level off the lobby and spills into the adjacent poolside area. It wasn’t yet open during my stay, but I was able to take a peek at the layout and decor. The restaurant will feature California cuisine. FireLake opens July 1, 2021.

Radisson Blu Anaheim - FireLake Restaurant Entrance

In the lobby, there is also a spacious coffee bar, Blu Marketplace, with some seating. I spotted pastries and breakfast sandwiches for a quick bite in the morning, as well as a wide variety of snacks and drinks.

Radisson Blu Anaheim - Blu Marketplace

There is also a stylish gift shop, Main Street Mercantile, in the lobby as well with more snacks and plenty of Disney souvenirs.

Radisson Blu Anaheim - Main Street Mercantile gift shop

Room service will soon be offered as well, currently scheduled to start July 1, 2021.

Radisson Blu Anaheim Booking Discounts & Deals!

Interested in booking the Radisson Blu for your own vacation? I have two ways for Trips With Tykes readers to snag a great deal.

First, you can book the Radisson Blu Anaheim through Trips With Tykes partner Get Away Today where deep discounts are almost always available. For 2021 stays, Get Away Today offers three room types: king standard rooms and both of the bunk bed room types (2 queen 2 twin bunk like I stayed in and 1 king 2 twin bunk). I spotted rates for a 2 night stay as low as $326 (taxes included!) for this summer or fall. Be sure to apply the code Tykes10 for an additional $10 off vacation packages if you are booking discounted Disneyland park tickets through Get Away Today too.

Alternatively, book directly through the Radisson website. The hotel has some packages and discounts all its own, but I haven’t been able to come close to beating the Get Away Today pricing yet. That said, I know many of this site’s readers have their own reasons for preferring to book direct (like elite status, points earning, or a different cancellation policy), so do what works for you! And remember that if you do book your room directly via Radisson’s site, you should absolutely still book your park tickets through Get Away Today to save off of the Disney rack rates!

Final Thoughts on the Radisson Blu Anaheim

So will I bring my family back to the Radisson Blu Anaheim? So much yes! This hotel demonstrates that it’s possible to serve both the discerning traveler on an adults-only vacation as well as family travelers at the same property. The Radisson Blu Anaheim strikes a balance perfectly in a way few hotels do. And it does it without costing an arm and a leg.

Review of the brand new in 2021 Radisson BLU Anaheim Hotel near Disneyland. Photo and video tour of rooms, Blu SkyBar food, pools, and deals and discounts on this luxury Anaheim, California hotel.

Disclosure: The Radisson Blu Anaheim and Get Away Today provided complimentary 2 night accommodation for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own.

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