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Downloadable Master Packing List For Traveling with Kids

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master packing list

Before each trip, I compile a packing list for everyone in my family.  Since we travel so much, I usually start with a generic list that I already have and then add or subtract, depending on the needs of a particular trip.  These packing lists have evolved over time, as my daughter has gotten older (and we have also learned from our mistakes).  I’ve finally compiled all of these lists into a master list of sorts that is now available for download in Word format.  This list is meant to be over-inclusive, so pare it down to fit your trip.  Traveling light is best.

The list contains sections for babies, toddlers, parents, and destination-specific additions that you might want to consider.

Spot something that I’ve forgotten?  Include your thoughts in the comments!

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Monday 10th of June 2013

Hey Les! LOVE this packing list! I definitely plan to use it when we start packing up for the beach in a few weeks. I would add one thing from personal experience with my bottle fed baby: travel bottle warmer! and this might be too specific to us to make the list but we never travel without those Medela steamer microwave bags so we can sanitize bottles in hotel rooms (they're great for sanitizing breast pump parts too obviously). So excited to see y'all soon!