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Disney Genie+ & Lightning Lane at Disneyland: Your Questions Answered & What We Still Need to Know

RIP FASTPASS. We hardly knew ye MaxPass. Everything you knew about cutting the lines to ride attractions at Disneyland (and for that matter, Walt Disney World too!) just got hit with some big changes. It’s time to learn something new for your next Disneyland vacation.

In August 2021, Disney finally announced the successor to the FASTPASS system. This next-gen service, Disney Genie, uses technology and queue data to improve your Disney day and minimize waits. Disney Genie upgrades called Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane promise even more ways to ride more efficiently – but at a cost.

This new ecosystem was just released at Walt Disney World on October 19, 2021 and is coming to Disneyland later in fall 2021 (Disneyland date still TBD). While we cover both Disney coasts on this site, this article focuses on Disneyland specifically. Thankfully, a lot of Disneyland regulars are familiar with the Disneyland MaxPass system already, which should help in understanding some of these new offerings. I promise I’ll have more detailed help for you Florida-bound folks in another post soon too, but be sure to scroll down to Question 11 below which will get you started if you want to know about Walt Disney World differences.

So just what is Disney Genie at Disneyland? And what about its upsells, Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane? Let’s dive in.

Last updated: October 20, 2021.

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Disney Genie, Disney Genie+ & Lightning Lane Basics

Before we get into the FAQs about all things Disney Genie, we’ll start with the most basic of basics. Disney has just thrown a lot of new terms our way, and it’s confusing. The essential framework of this new system has three new offerings to help you be more efficient on your Disneyland day:

  1. Disney Genie
  2. Disney Genie+*
  3. Individual attraction selection*

(*You’ll also hear the term Lightning Lane, which is a feature of both 2 & 3.)

1. Disney Genie

Disney Genie is the name of a new free service that will be built into the Disneyland app. Disney describes it as follows:

Disney Genie service will maximize your park time, so you can have more fun. It includes a personalized itinerary feature that will quickly and seamlessly map out an entire day. From specific attractions, foodie experiences and entertainment, to general interests like Disney princesses, villains, Pixar, Star Wars, thrill rides and more – just tell Disney Genie what you want to do and it will do the planning for you.

It’s crucial to note that Disney Genie won’t give you any way to cut ride lines like the free FASTPASS of old. It’s function is to guide guests only through the normal standby lines for rides, advising when those waits are lower and giving guests an efficient touring plan.

Details on just how regular Disney Genie will work and how much it will really maximize your day are still pretty unclear. We have some clues already from Walt Disney World about its limits (it’s telling guests to start their day at the carousel – oof), but we’ll have to wait until we see it in action at Disneyland to know much more.

2. Disney Genie+

Disney Genie+ is similar to many theme park cut-the-line services and is the successor to Disneyland’s FASTPASS and MaxPass digital queuing system. Unlike Disney Genie and the previous paper FASTPASS, it isn’t free.

With Genie+, guests pre-book 1 hour long ride reservation time windows on their smartphone throughout the day. (Disney says guests can make these reservations one at a time, but that is not entirely accurate – more on that below.) When each time window opens, they can return to a ride and access it through an express queue with reduced waits.

This express queue at Disneyland will be known as Lightning Lane. The Lightning Lane is simply the new name for what we all knew as the FASTPASS line.

To use Genie+, link your ticket in the official Disneyland app (which you’ll need to do anyway these days in order to make required Disneyland reservations) and manage it all from your phone. You can even manage all the tickets for everyone in your family with just one phone. When it’s time to ride, scan your park ticket or bar code in the Disneyland app at the Lightning Lane entrance.

Disneyland MaxPass Redeem Fastpass with Smartphone

Disney Genie+ will include Photopass at Disneyland, giving you access to all your digital photo downloads as part of the $20 per person price. Since the cost of one day Photopass is already $19.99, this offering is a nice bonus.

3. Individual Attraction Selections

Here’s where it gets confusing. While guests who use Genie+ to ride attractions will enter through the Lightning Lane, there are also Lightning Lanes for a few attractions that are not available as part of Disney Genie+. Disneyland doesn’t have a catchy name for these attractions, calling them only “Individual Attraction Selections” in information so far.

To access the Lightning Lane for these a la carte attractions, you’ll need to pay a separate per person fee. Guests will be limited to purchasing access to 2 of these attractions per day. As you might guess, these Individual Attraction Selections are some of the most popular headliners in each park (more on that below).

Frequently Asked Questions about Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane at Disneyland

I bet you have questions galore about Disney Genie and its related additional charges. Let’s dive in.

1. How much do Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane Offerings Cost at Disneyland?

Disneyland’s regular Disney Genie system is free. But Disney Genie+ and the attractions offering Lightning Lane for a separate a la carte price are not.

The cost for Disney Genie+ at Disneyland is $20 per person per day.

The cost of the individual attraction selections offering Lightning Lane with a la carte pricing is not known definitively just yet. At Walt Disney World, the prices range from $7-15 per person per ride at launch time. Expect similar introductory pricing at Disneyland.

We also know that pricing for a la carte attractions will be dynamic. Prices will surely be higher during peak travel periods and holidays, and may well fluctuate during the day too as demand ebbs and flows and regular standby lines get longer. Very popular rides (namely, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance) may push the upper limits of pricing as time goes on.

2. What rides are offered on Disney Genie+? What about with a la carte Lightning Lane?

Disneyland will be offering up to 19 attractions with Genie+ for the single $20 daily fee. Those include:

Disneyland Park Attractions Available on Genie+:

  • Autopia
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Indiana Jones
  • it’s a small world
  • Matterhorn
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Runn
  • Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
  • Space Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Star Tours

Disney California Adventure Park Attractions Available on Genie+:

Generally speaking, you’ll notice that rides that used to have FASTPASS lanes are the ones that will now be offered with Genie+, with the exception of the couple of attractions in each park that are reserved for separate a la carte Lightning Lane sale. Most of these attractions are the more popular thrill rides with height minimums, but a few family-friendly rides are on the system too.

There will be just 3 attractions total (1 in Disneyland and 2 in DCA) available for individual Lightning Lane a la carte purchase.

Individual Attraction Selection Lightning Lane Rides

  • Rise of the Resistance (DL)
  • Radiator Springs Racers (DCA)
  • WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure (DCA)

3. Will Virtual Queues Still Be Available?

WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure Ride Entrance in Avengers Campus

Yes. If you’ve visited Disneyland the last two years or so, you likely know about the couple of rides that use a free virtual queue system. There will still be two rides at Disneyland that continue to offer virtual queues even when Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ launch. These rides will not have regular standby lines like all other attractions, as the virtual queue takes the place of the standby line.

At Disneyland, the two rides we know that will keep their virtual queues are Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure. Virtual queue spots open up for booking two times daily (at 7:00 am and 12 noon). See my guides to getting a spot in the virtual queue for these rides for the most updated information as it changes:

If you don’t luck out during the free virtual queue drops, then both rides will also be offered for individual a la carte Lightning Lane sale. Of course, as more space on these attractions will now be allocated to Lightning Lane, that means fewer free virtual queue spots will be up for grabs.

4. When and how can I purchase Disney Genie+?

If you want to have Genie+ for your entire trip, you will be able to purchase it in advance. Exact details aren’t available yet, but this is likely to be at the time you purchase tickets or as an add on to an existing ticket or package, as was the case with MaxPass.

If you want to purchase Disney Genie+ for only some days of your Disneyland trip, you can purchase day-by-day on your smartphone in the Disneyland app. Sales start at midnight before each day.

5. When and how can I book rides with Disney Genie+?

Once you’ve purchased Disney Genie+, when can you start using it to book ride return times?

At Disneyland, you can start booking Genie+ attractions at the very moment you scan your ticket to enter a park for the morning. This is similar to how MaxPass operated. (Note that the rules are different at Walt Disney World where everyone can start Genie+ bookings at 7:00 am daily.)

Once you have entered any park for the day, you can then book DisneyGenie+ from any location for the rest of the day. So if you take a mid-day break to back at your hotel, you can keep booking from there. The app will let you know when you are eligible to book your next attraction. We don’t yet fully know, however, all of the exact eligibility rules that will be applied.

It’s important to note that Genie+ will offer you a 1 hour window for the next available time to ride the attraction. You can’t select a time. It’s possible that the time offered may overlap with a dining reservation you have (or an individual Lightning Lane a la carte purchase). As a guest, you need to watch and make sure that you can actually return in the window given before you book (or be prepared to cancel if for some reason you can’t).

6. When and how can I purchase and book rides available only as individual Lightning Lane a la carte attractions?

Disneyland Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Trackless Ride Vehicle

If you wish to purchase a la carte attractions offering Lightning Lane, that process at Disneyland is same day only. You will purchase and book at the same time, unlike Genie+ which can be purchased earlier than booking starts. Individual Lightning Lane sales at Disneyland only open up once you’ve scanned your ticket and entered a park for the morning (again, this is different than at Walt Disney World).

Unlike with Genie+ where guests are only offered the next available return time window to ride, guests who purchase these individual Lightning Lane selections will be able to pick their preferred time to ride. This means you can strategically schedule around park hopping plans or a dining reservation or even pick a time in the day when you know other ride lines will be long so you can make the most efficient use of your park hours.

7. Can I modify or cancel Lightning Lane reservations I’ve made?

For rides that you have booked using individual attraction selection, you cannot modify, cancel, or get a refund on a Lightning Lane reservation. All sales on those three rides are final. So book your times carefully given the expense of these attractions.

Genie+ itself also isn’t refundable but you can absolutely cancel Lightning Lane ride return windows you have booked with Genie+. So if a return time no longer works for your schedule or you simply decide you want to ride something else more than what you have booked, cancel away.

In fact, you really should cancel any Genie+ booking you have made before the return window expires if you cannot use it. Why? Because the system will treat an uncanceled but unused booking as used for that attraction, meaning you can’t book the same ride that you missed again later. This is because Genie+ only allows guests to ride each attraction once per day (more on that later).

Finally, although you can cancel Genie+ bookings, one thing you can’t do is modify a Genie+ bookings all in one step. You might be used to doing this with dining reservations, but there’s no equivalent for rides right now. Instead, if you see a better Genie+ return time suddenly pop up (which does happen as other guests cancel or no show), you have to cancel your current booking and then go in to rebook the new time. As you might imagine, the better time may well be long gone at that point. Do this only if you can truly afford to lose the booking you already have.

8. Am I really limited to booking one Lightning Lane at a time with Genie+?

Disney has used language to describe Genie+ ride bookings as made one at a time. This isn’t entirely accurate.

Instead, the system works much more like MaxPass did, with both a minimum and a maximum time when guests are eligible to book their next attraction. The parameters and basic rules – based upon what we know from Disney World – will be as follows (assuming Disneyland’s system works identically to Disney World’s):

  • As soon as you scan into the Lightning Lane of a ride you have booked with Genie+, you are immediately eligible to book a new return time with Genie+
  • If you don’t scan into the Lightning Lane of a ride you have booked with Genie+, you are eligible to book a new return time with Genie+ at the end of your 1 hour time window
  • If the return time window you are given for a ride starts more than 120 minutes later than the time at which you are booking, you will be eligible to book a new return time with Genie+ 120 minutes later.

How does this play out in a real world example? Assume it’s 11 am in Disneyland park and you are about to book a return window for Big Thunder Mountain with Genie+.

  • If the app shows you a return window for Big Thunder Mountain of 11:45 am-12:45 pm and you scan into the ride right at 11:45am, you can book your next Genie+ attraction at 11:45 am.
  • If the app shows you a return window for Big Thunder Mountain of 11:45 am-12:45 pm and you scan into the ride a bit later in the window (say at 12:15 pm), you can book your next Genie+ attraction at 12:15 pm.
  • If the app shows you a return window for Big Thunder Mountain of 11:45 am-12:45 pm and you DON’T scan into the ride during that window at all or cancel the booking, you can book your next Genie+ attraction at 12:45 pm.
  • If the app shows you a much later return window for Big Thunder Mountain like 2:00 pm-3:00 pm, you can book your next Genie+ attraction 120 minutes after the current time of 11:00 am — so at 1:00 pm in this example.

As you might guess, these rules offer some potential for making the system work to your advantage – such as returning to rides more quickly in the return window to open up your eligibility for the next ride more quickly. There will also be more advanced strategies like were available with MaxPass to reduce your overall day’s wait time – such as spending the morning using shorter standby lines to ride while stacking Genie+ return times up for later in the afternoon to use when standby lines are longer.

Finally note as well that you can book a Genie+ Lightning Lane at the same time you are purchasing an individual attraction selection Lightning Lane. Those two systems are entirely separate and do not limit each other in any way. The same goes for Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS). You can have a DAS booking and/or Genie+ or individual attraction selection bookings at the same time.

Disneyland Genie

9. Is there a limit to the number of Lightning Lane return times I can get?

Individual attraction selection Lightning Lane has a clear a defined upper limit. Guests can only purchase 2 of those attractions total per day, even if they park hop.

For Genie+, the answer is a little more nuanced. There’s no hard and set limit, but there is a ceiling to keep in mind with Genie+. Unlike with MaxPass where you could repeat the same ride multiple times in a single day, guests are only able to ride each attraction using Genie+ once daily. Practically speaking, that means guests could max out at the total number of attractions available.

With up to 19 attractions on Genie+ between the two parks at Disneyland, most regular guests won’t be able to max out the system. But for guests without a park hopper ticket in just one park for the day, it seems very possible to do all the Genie+ rides before a day’s end – especially in Disney California Adventure which has fewer rides on the system.

10. Can I ride an attraction more than once in a single day with Genie+ or individual attraction selection Lightning Lane?

Not with Genie+. Guests can only make one booking per day with Genie+ to cut the line on an attraction. Of course, you are free to ride that same attraction through the regular standby line as many times as you like. If there’s a Genie+ attraction your family wants to ride multiple times, consider rope dropping it for shorter wait times in the morning and then doing it again during a busier time of day with your Genie+ allotment.

You also will not be able to ride the rides for sale with individual attraction selection more than once per day. While you get up to two of these selections daily, they have to be for separate rides. So no purchasing Rise of the Resistance twice!

Early news out of Disney World suggests that guests can, however, ride an attraction with a virtual queue and then also purchase it with the a la carte Lightning Lane option to ride it twice in one day. Whether this will remain the case at Disneyland is a big question, however, especially with respect to Rise of the Resistance which simply has overwhelming guest demand already. But since these rides don’t have standby lines right now (the virtual queue takes the place of that), this rule makes a lot of sense.

11. What happens if an attraction I have a Lightning Lane reservation for goes down or breaks before I can ride?

If you have a Lightning Lane return window booked with Genie+ and the ride breaks down, we believe (based on how MaxPass worked and how things are working at Disney World) that the system will give you a bonus automatically. The booking will likely turn into a “Multiple Experiences” pass that can be used at a number of other rides in the park (or the ride you had booked returns to service).

What we don’t know yet is whether this Multiple Experiences pass will be limited. In the past with MaxPass, some of the most popular rides were blacked out from this pass, and often the pass could only be used in the park in which the ride was located (so no hopping to the other park). But we’ll have to wait and see on all of this until the Disneyland system launches.

What about if you have a return time booked with a la carte Lightning Lane and the ride goes down? Mark this one as developing. Generally speaking, your time window will be extended automatically until the end of the day so you can return to the ride later when it is back up. Fair enough.

But what if you can’t make a later return time or the ride stays down for the rest of the day? Technically, the fine print says individual attraction selection Lightning Lane bookings are non-refundable, but at Walt Disney World, guest relations cast members have been able to give guests gift cards as refunds in this instance. So far, however, this isn’t done automatically and requires legwork on the part of guests to request this. Hopefully, by the time Disneyland’s Genie systems launch, there will be a more defined procedure in place. Watch this space for updates.

12. Will Disney Genie+ or Lightning Lane individual attractions sell out?

Disney has said that Genie+ itself will not sell out, so no worries for that offering.

Rides that have Lightning Lanes offered on Genie+ could of course run out of available return times at some point in each day. Back when MaxPass was offered at Disneyland, the most popular rides could run out of times before the lunch hour on busy days. Other rides might remain available with MaxPass nearly up to park closing on a less busy day. The bottom line is that guests who use Genie+ will need to know what the most in-demand rides are and watch when the return times are getting close to running out so as not to miss a chance to book a time!

As for individual attraction selection Lightning Lane, sell outs are certainly possible but likely not instantaneously or for every ride. These are still premium offerings that cost extra. There will be many guests who simply can’t afford the upcharges or who simply don’t find them valuable enough to pay for them – and certainly not every day. The one exception is probably Rise of the Resistance, which is selling out quickly at Walt Disney World so far.

Of course, until the system launches and we see what demand will be, it’s too soon to know for sure and devise a complete strategy.

13. Do I have to use Disney Genie or Disney Genie+?

No. If this all seems like just too much, I feel you. You don’t have to use any of this. You can still go from standby line to standby line like we all used to do in the theme parks of old. Strategies like rope dropping or squeezing in one last ride a minute before park closing will still work. Virtual queues that many guests have gotten used to by now will function the same.

You can also also choose to purchase just one of these offerings or mix and match as you wish. For example, you can purchase a single Lightning Lane a la carte ride without purchasing Genie+. Or vice versa!

If you don’t want to pay for any extras, you can also just use Disney Genie to streamline your day – even casually. If you already are used to checking wait times in the Disneyland app, the basics of regular Genie aren’t likely to be that much harder to use.

14. Can I add Disney Genie+ to my Magic Key (annual pass)?

Disneyland began selling annual passes again at the end of summer 2021, now called Magic Keys. MaxPass used to be included in the cost of the most expensive top level annual passes, and an annual add-on was available for the lower cost passes. No longer with Genie+.

The only way for Magic Keyholders to use Genie+ is to purchase day by day. Perhaps an add on cost for the year might be considered at a later date, but for now Keyholders need to factor $20 daily costs into their budget calculations if they wish to use this service.

15. How are Disney Genie(+) and Lightning Lane different at Walt Disney World than at Disneyland?

Although the Disney Genie offerings at Walt Disney World and Disneyland work in the same general way, there are some crucial differences to keep in mind if you are a guest who visits both coasts. I fully expect that these systems may diverge even more over time.

Note as well that Walt Disney World’s system has launched first – on October 19, 2021 – while we still don’t have a date certain for Disneyland.

The current differences are:

  • Cost
    • Disneyland: Genie+ is $20 per person
    • Disney World: Genie+ is $15 per person
  • Number of Rides Available
    • Disneyland: at least 15 attractions on Genie+ (now confirmed at 19 total)
    • Disney World: at least 40 attractions on Genie+ (now confirmed at 46 total)
  • Disney Genie+ Ride Booking Start Time
    • Disneyland: guests may only start booking rides with Genie+ after they have scanned into a park for the day
    • Disney World: guests may start booking rides with Genie+ at 7:00am from any location.
  • Individual Lightning Lane Ride Booking Start Time
    • Disneyland: guests may start booking individual attractions with Lightning Lane after they have scanned into a park for the day
    • Disney World: guests staying on property may start booking individual attractions with Lightning Lane rides at 7:00am from any location (off-property guests must wait until park opening time)
  • Photo Offerings
    • Disneyland: Genie+ includes Photopass
    • Disney World: Genie+ at Disney World does not include Photopass but does have augmented reality photo lenses.

Remember too that Disneyland and Disney World have different times for park hopping (1:00 pm at Disneyland vs. 2:00 pm at Walt Disney World). The parks also have different times for the second drop of virtual queue time slots (noon at Disneyland vs. 1:00 pm at Walt Disney World). These time differences may well affect how Genie+ and individual attraction Lightning Lane return times operate in practice and thus your overall strategy.

For even more information about Disney Genie at Walt Disney World, be sure to listen to the Disney Deciphered podcast episode I recorded with Joe Cheung below. And if you didn’t know I co-hosted a Disney podcast, please consider subscribing!

What We Still Don’t Know (And Really Need to Know) about Disney Genie+ at Disneyland

Disneyland Toon Town

So we know quite a bit about Disney Genie+ at Disneyland at this point. But the devil is in the details.

While we know a lot more now that Walt Disney World’s system is live (and I’ve included a lot of those answers in the sections above), there are still quite a few details missing about how Genie+ and Lightning Lane will work at Disneyland. And Disneyland’s system may well operate in different ways!

I’ve gone on record before about my love of MaxPass at Disneyland. It looks like Disney Genie+ will implement many of same key parameters as MaxPass, but with some cutbacks and additional restrictions — and at the same cost as MaxPass. So it probably won’t quite be the value of MaxPass. I nevertheless think it should likely be pretty valuable for those in the right circumstances who know how to maximize it.

But until my outstanding questions are answered, I can’t say for certain whether Disney Genie+ is going to be a good value. And more importantly, I can’t devise a strategy for how to hack it to maximize your Disneyland day (which is totally the goal, right?).

So what questions are we still waiting on answers to? Here goes!

  • Will Disneyland definitely apply the 120 minute maximum rule that WDW has (and not the old 90 minute rule from MaxPass days)? I think so, but this matters for how much you can do in a single day.
  • How will Disneyland allocate ride space between Lightning Lane and standby lines? (Often 80+% of ride space was allocated to guests in the Fastpass/MaxPass queue, creating very long standby lines. Will that allocation change?)
  • When will guests with park hopper tickets be able to book attractions with Genie+ in the other park? Only after 1:00pm? Or can they start booking post-1pm return times earlier in the day when the return windows fall after the 1pm time? Does the entire return window have to be after 1pm, or would a 12:30pm-1:30pm window be offered?
  • Will wait times in the Lightning Lane be similar to what they were with FASTPASS/MaxPass? Will Lightning Lane waits be shorter in the a la carte individual attraction selection ride lines than in Lightning Lanes available for Genie+ rides?
  • Will Disneyland regularly swap out rides between the Genie+ and a la carte purchase buckets? Will that only happen when a new ride is launched? Could it happen seasonally when ride overlays like Haunted Mansion Holiday are available?
  • Will there be a minimum or maximum price published for the la carte Lightning Lane attractions at Disneyland?
  • How fast will a la carte Lightning Lane attractions “sell out” for the day? (Or at least, how fast will the preferred times on the more preferred rides sell out?) Early data out of Disney World suggests Rise of the Resistance goes very fast but that the others all have reasonable availability.
  • Is the $20 Disney Genie+ price here to stay or will the cost for it, like MaxPass, increase significantly over a short period of time? (MaxPass went from $10 in 2017 to $15 in 2019 to $20 in 2020).
  • Is Disney eventually contemplating offering Disney Genie+ as an add on to some or all Magic Keys?
  • Will there be any way for guests without smartphones to use Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, or Lightning Lane individual attraction selection?
  • If early entry like Extra Magic Hour or Magic Mornings return to Disneyland, how these will affect guest ability to start booking rides with Genie+ ride earlier than other guests can enter the parks?

Tired yet? Like I said, there are A LOT of unknowns still out there about the entire Disney Genie system. But never fear. I’m going to be working diligently to find out the answers as we go. Eventually, we’ll figure out the tricks for maximizing this system. And if you want my hot takes in real time like the one below, be sure you are following me on Twitter where I love to talk about topics like this there.

Other Disney Genie Tips & Tricks

A few other miscellaneous tips, tricks, and things to keep in mind as we await the launch of Genie+!

  • WiFi at Disneyland has improved quite a bit as the Disneyland app has gotten more full featured. But there are still has dead spots (and your data service may not work everywhere either.) You may not always be able to get service to book that next Genie+ attraction if you are in an indoor queue, so plan accordingly.
  • Having to use the Disneyland app that much more for Genie or Genie+ will really drain your smartphone battery. An external portable charger is a must. Disneyland offers one brand of charger, Fuel Rods, in small vending machines around the park. Cost is $30 and you can also swap at the kiosks. I use Fuel Rods but I also pair them with the Anker PowerCore 1000. It has more charging power (about 3+ full iPhone charges) for long Disneyland days and may be better for families with multiple devices.
  • Guests could use Rider Switch with MaxPass/FASTPASS and we expect the same will be true for Lightning Lanes on Genie+.
  • Disability Access Service at Disneyland (DAS) recently received some updates in August 2021 as well. Guests who are eligible for DAS may be able to use it instead of Genie+ (or in conjunction with it) for a more successful day’s plan.
  • Evening shows like World of Color and Fantasmic aren’t back yet, but it’s possible those could be added to Genie+ when they do return (they were added to MaxPass). Stay tuned!
  • Got someone in your party who isn’t interested in (or tall enough for) a given attraction? Another person in your party can use their Genie+ reservation window for that ride, potentially allowing some members of your group to double up on the same attraction in a single day.
  • If you do not have park hopper tickets and are planning a DCA day with young kids, consider your family’s Genie+ purchase carefully. Five of the 7 attractions in DCA on Genie+ have height minimums and are thrill rides that your little ones may not want to ride or even be able to. Purchasing Genie+ for your whole family on a DCA only day would surely be a waste of money. Instead, consider using tools like rope drop, single rider, or rider switch to maximize your family’s day. Or purchase Genie+ only for a single adult or older siblings in your party.
  • Once you book a Genie+ reservation window, set an alarm on your phone for the time you are eligible to book the next one so you don’t forget. Many precious minutes were lost in MaxPass days by guests not being exactly on top of these times!

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Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, and Lightning Lane debut at Disneyland in Fall 2021. Find out all the tips and how to maximize this FASTPASS replacement on your next Disneyland vacation.

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