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Travel Resolutions for 2016

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What are your travel resolutions for the new year?The year 2015 is now officially in the history books!  I don’t know about you, but my family is looking ahead to an exciting 2016 hopefully filled with lots of travel adventures.

This time of year, everyone’s thoughts turn to making resolutions.  While I certainly have my fair share of the usual resolutions in the new year (get healthier, be more organized), I also have a lot of travel goals that I’d like to fulfill this year too.

Here are my travel resolutions for 2016.  Please share yours in the comments below!

1. Travel More Purposefully Locally

I live in one of the top rated travel destinations in the United States (and frankly, in the world): the San Francisco Bay Area.  I know I totally take the City by the Bay for granted.  My goal for 2016 is to see more of it and to do it with purpose and planning.  Tell me what you’d like to see in San Francisco and I’ll cover it!Resolving to travel more locally in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016!

 2. Be More Disciplined About Miles and Points Tracking

One of the major ways my family affords to travel as much as we do is that we collect and maximize frequent flyer miles and points.  With our busy family life, I don’t do as much as many people in the “travel hacking” community do to chase those points.  I know I could do a little bit more and have it pay off in some big ways.  And now that our family is down to one income since I’m now staying home with the kids (yes, I’m a lawyer no more), those points are more important than ever!

3. Pack Less

I’ve always been a pretty efficient packer, but I can definitely do better.  Carrying on has been a thing of the past since baby #2 joined our family in the fall of 2013 – he simply requires too much gear.  But 2016 is going to change all of that!  The spring or summer of 2016 is going to bring potty training excitement to our family with our toddler and I know we will be able to pack a lot lighter after that milestone is reached.

4. Take Another International Adventure with the Kids

While I have always been a world traveler, our family has definitely put some international travel on hold the past several years because our kids have been so young.  It’s hard to justify the greater expense of numerous trips abroad when you sacrifice so much time to naps and logistics on trips with babies and toddlers.  Our 2015 travels included international stops in Panama and Mexico.  Both were so rewarding and ultimately kid-friendly that I’ve resolved to take the leap towards travel abroad even more.  Our Latin American stops reminded me that while certain kinds of foreign travel may not quite yet be the right fit for my little ones, there are plenty of international destinations that should be on the table right now.  And I’m taking suggestions… (for what it is worth, Japan, Australia, Iceland, and several Canadian cities are on our near term travel list).What are your 2016 travel resolutions? Resolving to travel more internationally this year.

5. Take Another Major Road Trip

When it comes to my travel style, I have always had a strong preference for air travel.  My family took a spring break road trip from Las Vegas through the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Phoenix in 2015 and found that we really love the open road too!  Another extended road trip is definitely in the works in 2016.  Perhaps the Pacific Coast Highway?

6. Travel Without the Kids

I love being a parent and love my kids, but I occasionally like a break too.  My goal for 2016 is to take one solo trip and one trip with just my husband.  And yes, it looks like the solo trip will be one to Walt Disney World.  I’m that mom leaving my kids behind while I go to Disney!

7. Travel More!

Isn’t this resolution on every traveler’s list?  I resolve to just travel more – no matter to where or with whom or by what method.

Happy 2016 travels!  Share your travel goals in the comments.

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Sunday 10th of January 2016

Ditto!!! I heartily echo your travel resolutions! Especially 2, 3, 5 and 6! Although I've done a lot of traveling with my 3, 2015 wasn't an especially well-travelled year for us. Coming up we have several trips to Tahoe, our annual trip to Yosemite, solo trip to New Haven, and a couple other trips. Maybe we'll overlap somewhere!! xoxo


Monday 4th of January 2016

I'm with you on all points here! I aim to travel the same or more this year (five trips). I hope to do at least one trip overseas, one trip with the family and one with just the hubby. I'd also like to do some more travelling in my own province this summer!