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7 Travel & Disney Podcasts You Should be Listening To Right Now

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There are so many different ways to get travel advice these days – blogs, social media, YouTube. While I’m on the road or on the move, I can’t always keep up with all the reading or watching I want to do. Enter the podcast – a travel-friendly way to consume content! Podcasts have been around for a long time and interest in them seems to wax and wane. When I first published this post in 2016, they were definitely on the rise again. Now in 2018, however, they are as hot as they ever have been with tons of new entrants into the market. Podcasts in the travel and Disney space – two areas of interest for family travelers – have especially boomed, so I wanted to share an update of many of my favorites to add to your playlist today.

5 Family Travel Podcasts To Listen To

7 Top Travel & Disney Podcasts

1. Disney Deciphered

Disney Deciphered Podcast

Before I get too deep into the list, it’s shameless plug time! My good friend Joe Cheung of and I launched a brand new podcast a few months ago focused on Disney World vacation planning for families. As busy parents ourselves, we found our own biggest personal challenge in listening to podcasts is – of course – time. So we formatted Disney Deciphered at 15 minutes per episode which is just perfect for listening to during a carpool or while washing a sink full of dishes. Disney Deciphered is mostly evergreen WDW content – vacation planning advice that is good no matter what time of year you are going and even as Disney makes changes and additions to the parks. We have episodes on everything from Magic Kingdom 101 to Tips for Flying to Orlando so far. Our goal? To save busy families time, money, and stress at they plan their vacations to Disney World.

Get a sneak peek by listening to our latest, breaking down everything you need to know about ticket types at Disney World.

2. The Vacation Mavens

Vacation Mavens

The Vacation Mavens is now one of the veteran family travel focused podcasts on the scene, going on well over 2 years of quality and regular content. Vacation Mavens focuses on all aspects of family travel. Episodes have covered everything from travel rewards and family road trips to destinations as diverse as San Diego, Jordan, and the Galapagos. Co-hosts Kimberly Tate ( and Tamara Gruber ( are well-respected in the family travel world. After reading both of their blogs regularly and knowing them in real life for many years, I can definitely attest that they know their family travel stuff. The podcast broadcasts weekly and runs about 30 minutes long.

3. Saverocity Observation Deck

If you aren’t deeply involved in the frequent flyer world, the Saverocity Observation Deck is one podcast that probably hasn’t crossed your radar. Hosted by Joe Cheung of As the Joe Flies, (my Disney Deciphered co-host stays busy!) and Trevor of Tagging Miles, this podcast is full of insider information from the world of miles and points. If you want to learn how to take miles, points, and credit card rewards to the next level, this is an hour worth your time. The Saverocity Observation Deck publishes new episodes every other week.

4. WDW Radio

No list of Disney podcasts can be complete without including the most well-known of all them: WDW Radio. Hosted by Lou Mongello, WDW Radio is the gold standard of Disney podcasts. The podcasts focuses on Disney parks, but also makes forays into Disney entertainment, news, history, and more. It’s definitely a deeper drive for the true Disney fan so may be a bit overwhelming for a family planning a Disney trip for the first time. But for veterans, it’s the best there is to keep up with all things in the world of Disney. WDW Radio broadcasts on close to a weekly basis.

5. Miles to Go

Miles to Go is a travel and miles and points focused podcast that is fairly new to the scene from Ed at, one of the Boarding Area blogs. Ed has a rotating cast of regular guests, many of whom are miles and points bloggers you may know from and beyond. Ed has young kids so there is plenty to cater to regular family travelers, even if you aren’t a miles and points expert. Recent topics have included news on the Marriott and SPG loyalty program merger, booking award flights to Hawaii, and a healthy dose of Disney travel tips in the mix.

6. WDW Prep School Podcast

Shannon of the blog WDW Prep School is one of the Disney experts I trust the most in a sea of Disney blogging and podcasting experts. Her podcasts are usually short, to the point, and jam-packed with tons of useful and practical information. For anyone planning a Walt Disney World trip, this a great podcast to break down the logistics for you a well as keep you up to date on Disney news and changes.

Flying to Disney World Hollywood Studios Entrance

7. Family Adventure Podcast

There are so many families these days living the roadschooling and nomadic lifestyle and this podcast offers an exclusive peek into that world. The host traveled with his family aboard a sailboat for 3 1/2 years so he has some fairly unique stories to tell. Family Adventure Podcast has well over 100 episodes and regularly features guests from other traveling families. You’ll likely find some of your favorite family travel and roadschooling bloggers making guest appearances here in past episodes.

What travel podcasts are on your playlist? Share your favorites in the comments. 

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Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Would love to suggest the We Like Theme Parks podcast! It's a podcast for fans of theme parks by theme park fans, with a nice mix of solo and family trip planning. Thanks:)


Saturday 12th of March 2016

WDW Prep School is my hands down favorite!! Shannon gives the best advice in a quick 20 minute pod cast! thanks for including her!

Kim Stuffed Suitcase (@StuffedSuitcase)

Friday 11th of March 2016

Leslie, thank you so much for including Vacation Mavens in your list! Podcasts can be so informative and the perfect complement to your dog walk, car ride, or workout. Pinning and sharing!

Tamara Gruber

Friday 11th of March 2016

Thank you so much for including Vacation Mavens in this awesome round up. I'm also a huge fan of the Amateur Traveler podcast -- although not family focused I love the first hand perspective.