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SippiGrip Review: A Solution for Toddlers Throwing Things

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SippiGrip ReviewMy 15 month old is in a throwing stage.  He throws food, he throws toys, he throws tantrums, and he most definitely throws his sippy cups and bottles.

I recently had the chance to test a product to address one of these throwing challenges: the Sippigrip from Booginhead (disclosure: Booginhead provided me with a free sample for review).  While it didn’t stop my toddler from throwing tantrums, it significantly limited his ability to throw a sippy cup or a bottle.  We took the SippiGrip on our holiday travels to put it to the test.

The product worked just as advertised with our son’s bottles and sippy cups.  I simply attached the Velcro strap tightly around the bottle.  This strap is made of material that grips even smooth surfaces so it didn’t slip, even on bottles and cups that weren’t contoured.  I then simply attached the other end of the strap around anything secure.

SippyGrip Review: A Solution for Toddlers Throwing ThingsThe first test for our SippiGrip on our travels was in a restaurant.  Our son sat in a standard wooden restaurant high chair and the product easily attached to the side rail of the high chair.  While our son would still throw his bottle, he was amused to find it hanging from his high chair when he did.  He could (mostly) pull it back up himself.  More important, my husband and I weren’t forced to crawl around under our table at a fine dining establishment to hand the bottle back to him.  Best of all, the novelty of the experience entertained our son too, which bought us a little more time during the dinner hour.

The SippiGrip would also work well on airplanes.  I’d recommend fastening the tether around your little one’s seat belt or car seat handle.  Nothing is nastier than having to retrieve items from under your airplane seat, so anything that prevents my kids from throwing things in-flight is well worth it.

I also tried the SippiGrip attached to a small handheld toy.  The particular shape of the toy made the velcro strap obvious to our son, and he quickly figured out how to undo the Velcro (providing lots of laughs and entertainment when he did).  While I’d like to think that he mastered it because he is exceptionally intelligent, I’m guessing that some toddlers may figure this thing out — either with enough time or when it is attached to certain items.  He didn’t seem to have the same understanding or success, however, when the SippiGrip was attached to a bottle or sippy cup.

SippiGrip Review

Overall, the SippiGrip solved some very real toddler problems in our household and during our travels.  At $7.50, having one of these on hand for travel or for eating out isn’t a bad idea.  I love the variety of colors and designs as well.  Our son’s camouflage themed one fit in perfectly on our trip my home state of Alabama.

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You can purchase SippiGrip from the manufacturer’s website, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many other baby gear retailers.

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