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Saving on Travel & Disney with Rewards Credit Cards

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Saving on Travel and Disney with Rewards Credit CardsHow do I travel as much as I do without busting our family’s budget?  Frequent flyer miles and points of course!  One of the major tools for acquiring these points is credit cards: signup bonuses, category bonuses, and more are a great way to build your frequent flyer stockpile to cash in for discounted travel.

I know some of my readers are incredibly advanced at playing the miles and points game.  For most families, however, the travel rewards credit card hobby is a totally opaque and confusing process.  Since the hobby involves using credit cards, it is also fraught with real financial risk.

Although I don’t blog a lot about credit cards and miles and points strategies on Trips With Tykes, these are topics that I often tackle over on, where I blog as Frequent Flyer Traveling Mom.  For traveling families who don’t have the time or patience to juggle a dozen credit cards or chase the latest daily travel deal, it is important to develop a simple credit card strategy that best maximizes your travel rewards.

Go check out my latest TravelingMom posts tackling travel rewards credit cards and return to let me know what you think.

  • 6 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Frequent Flyer Credit Cards highlights the basic mistakes that most casual users of travel rewards credit cards make.  I guarantee you are making at least one of them.  Heck, I still struggle with #4 and #5!
  • Is the Disney Credit Card Right for You? analyzes the perks and drawbacks of the two Disney credit card offerings from Chase.  Regular readers know that I’m a huge Disney fan, but I think the Disney cards could be better.  That said, many traveling families get them and keep them, so it is important to use them smartly!  I don’t carry a Disney card at the moment, but it is one that I will get probably in the next year or two and use in a very particular way.  Find out how to get the most value from these cards.

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