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Pre-Pack Your Child’s Toiletry Kit

I recently saw a post on one of my favorite travel blogs, Luxury Travel Mom, about a new product called KidKit that is a pre-packed toiletry bag for kids travel.  Neat idea, but the products were kind of pricey.  Not all of us can be a “luxury travel mom” all the time!

But if you travel a lot, I think the idea is a great one.  So why not do it yourself?  This is a cheaper solution and will enable you to have the brands that work for your family and the products you actually use.  If you already have a kit put together, packing for your next trip will be a breeze.  Grab an extra makeup or toiletry bag hanging around your house (you know you have one… or twelve), then hit the Target dollar section or your drugstore’s travel and sample size aisle.

Here’s a list of what I found to make my very own travel kid kit for under $20 total.  Everything was about $1 unless otherwise indicated:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Wet wipes
  3. Mini-sunscreen
  4. Toothbrush
  5. Toothpaste
  6. Children’s Tylenol (small pack of the store-brand chewables runs about $3-4)
  7. BandAids
  8. Mini First Aid Kit
  9. Kleenex mini-pack (you can buy three or four for $1)
  10. Hand sanitizer
  11. Spray conditioner (empty spray bottle from Daiso $1.50, filled with spray from the bigger bottle we use around the house every day)
  12. Hair accessories (barrettes, ponytail holders) – grab a few extras from around the house at no extra cost!
  13. Mini brush

Kid Toiletry Kit

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