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Introducing Trips With Tykes!

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It was inevitable, I suppose.

I’ve been traveling on an almost monthly basis with my three year old on airplanes since she was only three months old.  Those readers out there in cyberspace who know me personally know that my husband and I have maintained a baby blog for her over the years.  As time has gone by, the posts on her blog have been more and more about our family travels.  For domestic travel at least, we’ve done it all: cross-country flights, short hops on regional jets, red eyes, crying eyes, road trips, ski trips, beach trips, Disneyland trips, Southwest, United, JetBlue, Delta…. you get the picture.

I realize I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge from all my travel experiences and challenges with my daughter.  I’ve often shared that knowledge with friends who have started traveling with their own children, and I figured that I might as well record that advice and share it with others along the way.

So, that’s a long way of saying that I’ve finally succumbed and decided to try my hand at travel mommy blogging.  Stay tuned and please let me know if you have questions you want me to answer or stories of your own to share.

Our family on our first flight with our little one (more than three years ago):


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