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Family Travel Bloggers to Follow: 10 Awesome Blogs about Travel with Young Kids

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10 Family Travel Bloggers to FollowAs much as I love to write about family travel, I also love to read about it.  As a result, I read a lot of other blogs.  Fellow travel bloggers provide inspiration, travel tips, ideas for our family’s next vacation, and more.  There is an amazing community of people who blog about travel with kids.  Because there are more than enough destinations in the world for everyone to cover and a new angle to be covered even for those places we all like to visit, the community is quite supportive and cooperative.

Since I enjoy reading other blogs, I thought I’d recommend a few to my loyal readers – you! – that you might find helpful and inspiring as well.  Because I like and read so many, I had to come up with a list of criteria (albeit somewhat arbitrary) to create a narrowed down and targeted list that would be most appealing to the Trips With Tykes readership.

Super-Scientific Criteria for Family Travel Bloggers on the List

  • Part-time travelers only:  While I totally admire and am in awe of families who are full-time travelers and road schoolers, they travel in very different ways than those of us who have to work around job conflicts, school schedules, and the like.
  • Have kids ages 0-10: Because traveling with little ones presents unique challenges.  This list is skewed towards those with kids on the even younger side around the ages of my kids (6 and 18 months), but that is because travel with babies and toddlers is that much harder.
  • Must blog primarily or exclusively about family travel: There are a lot of parenting and lifestyle bloggers who cover travel, but this list features and highlights bloggers who really make family travel their primary area of expertise.
  • Must blog regularly: At least once a week or ideally more.
  • Single author sites: There is an important places for multi-author sites in the family travel world, but this list includes sites that are written by a single author only (sites with occasional guest posts still made the cut).  There is something valuable about getting travel advice from a single voice you can come to know and trust.
  • Bonus points: Bonus points were given to blogs that cover air travel topics, frequent flyer miles, and/or Disney.  Because I like air travel, frequent flyer miles, and Disney.  And this is my list!

Now onto the blogs….

10 Family Travel Bloggers to Follow

  1. Cloud Surfing Kids: If there is anyone who knows how to fly with kids, it’s a flight attendant who is also a mom.  Beth at Cloud Surfing Kids regularly offers up professional and mom-tested advice for travel with little ones.  Her kids are about the same age as mine and she’s a lot of fun to follow on social media for both a mom and an insider’s perspective on air travel.
  2. Kids on a Plane: Cheryl of Kids on a Plane is a blog I’ve devoured regularly for quite awhile.  Cheryl is based in Toronto and has two kids (ages 6 and 3).  She is a fellow Disney nut who has mastered the tricks of Walt Disney World in the same way I approach Disneyland.KidsOnaPlane
  3. As the Joe Flies: Joe is the dad of a fierce and opinionated 2 year old daughter (something I experienced first hand with my daughter a few years back).  When he’s not traveling with his daughter and wife on far-flung Asia trips, he’s finding ways to earn crazy amounts of frequent flyer miles to feed his family travel addiction.  I love reading his perspective as a dad who cares about and participates in kid travel logistics, an aspect of family travel that is far too often delegated to or taken on by moms.
  4. Points with a Crew: Dan at Points with a Crew blogs from a really unique niche.  He covers large family travel using frequent flyer miles and points to make it all possible.  He has 6 kids (from toddlers to teenagers and everything in between), and I’m always in awe of how he and his wife juggle it all.  Along with Joe, I had the chance to meet him at Family Travel for Real Life this year (he live-blogged my Disney presentation), and he’s just an all around nice guy.Pointswithacrew
  5. Solo Mom Takes Flight: Sarah at Solo Mom Takes Flight has mastered the art of traveling while juggling two kids solo – a necessity with her husband’s busy work schedule.  She took an epic road trip from Toronto to Texas last summer with her then 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son and always has something exciting on her travel horizon.
  6. Pint Size Pilot: Apparently there are lots of Canadians who blog about travel with young kids, because Tara from Pint Size Pilot is the third Canadian to make this list.  Her blog was one of the very first family travel blogs I read regularly (even before I was a blogger myself).  I’ve especially enjoyed her nuanced advice and reviews on kid travel gear over the years.
  7. Kids Are A Trip: Kirsten from Kids Are a Trip is a fellow TravelingMom writer and mom of 3 young boys.  Her blog just celebrated its one year anniversary, and she has really covered a lot of ground and written some amazingly helpful posts in that short time.
  8. Dotting the Map: Hilarye from Dotting the Map travels far and wide with her husband and two young daughters.  She’s also the author of a super-cute e-book perfect for preparing toddlers for plane flights, Monsters Don’t Ride on Airplanes.  If you have a little one who sometimes has a monster attitude, consider giving it a read before your next flight.
  9. Mommy Points: Since I’m a frequent flyer geek, the original family travel meets frequent flyer miles blog has to make this list.  Summer from Mommy Points has a daughter just a bit younger than mine as well as a baby on the way.  I can’t wait to see what tips she has in store and how her travel patterns will evolve as a with two in tow.
  10. Stuffed Suitcase: Kimberly at Stuffed Suitcase promises that her blog is “packed full of tips for family travel and life between trips” and I couldn’t agree more.  She travels with two young daughters and has a crafty streak and gift for organization that is sure to inspire (and make you want to pin a few of her posts on Pinterest).StuffedSuitcase

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Sunday 5th of September 2021

Really a great list. As a new blogger, I learnt many useful tips from your blog. Thanks a lot.

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Saturday 29th of August 2015

What a great list! Some of these guys are new to me so I have followed them all on instagram and Facebook. Looking forward to reading up on their adventures and tips. I write travel guides for kids and this month The Adventure Series on The Louvre is FREE. Thanks for an informative post. I will have lots of wonderful reading to do!

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Lyla G

Friday 1st of May 2015

I love this list and I'm so happy to discover a few new blogs to follow. Thanks for posting!