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Compare Airlines

Curious which airline will be best for your next trip with kids?  Before you delve into the details, first check out my post rating the Best and Worst Domestic Airlines to Fly with Kids.

And now, the details!  Here are the most relevant articles I’ve written that compare the features, fees, and restrictions of the major domestic airlines:


Where to Sit & How to Sit Together

It isn’t a given anymore that an airline will make it easy for your kids to sit next to at least one adult.  Here’s are a few reviews of seating quandries on various airlines.

The On-Board Experience

Kidcentric Airline & Airport Reviews

There are airlines and airports that are more child-friendly than most.  Here are a reviews of a few highlights:

More articles coming soon!

Heidi (@WagonersAbroad)

Monday 22nd of September 2014

Excellent info to have handy. Thanks so much for doing this.